It’s Here! The Holiday’s! Which means parties, food and fun, right? Yes, but it also means the following if you decide to over indulge in all that “fun.”

Let’s look at all that FUN this way. The following equation will add up to, what?

Simple Carbohydrates + Excess Alcohol/Sugary Drinks + Less Sleep + Additional Stress

It equals= Increased Cellular Inflammation, which can lead to the following symptoms…

A Suppressed Immune system


overstressed women xmas cartoonDigestive Issues

Skin Issues




Weight Gain

And the list can absolutely go on

So, how can one that would like to avoid these issues all together or at least cut down on them still enjoy the Holiday Season with family and friends?

Well, you can follow all of or part of my Holiday Season Game Plan. My game plan was created around 3 basic goals:

  1. Lasting energy to get through the Season
  2. To not get sick
  3. Maintain your current weight or better yet lose a few pounds (which can be done if you really put your mind to it)

My Holiday Season Game Plan looks like this…


  • Eat from the rainbow, local & seasonal, organic if necessary, produce (dark green leafy vegetables and antioxidant rich smoothies in the morning) The more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you get into your body the more energy, restful sleep and anti- inflammatory benefits your have
  • Restful Sleep- sleep is not given enough credit. Do your best to get at least 7-8 hours a night. FYI drinking alcohol contrary to popular belief does not give you a “restful”nights sleep, it gives you restless sleep
  • Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily-additional water is needed if you workout, drank the night before, had coffee in the am (8oz of additional H2O per cup of coffee or tea)

When you have a party to go to in the evening

  1. Eat really well during the day, whole real foods, so as NOT to trigger your sugar/carb cycle before the party
  2. Make sure to fit in a workout. Remember doing 20 minutes of intervals burns more calories than 45 minutes at a steady pace
  3. Eat a healthy fat snack and a full glass of water before heading out the door. Snack ideas: homemade hummus with crudités, natural nut butter on apple slices, 1/2 an avocado with salt, homemade guacamole spread onto whole grain sprouted bread
  4. Offer to bring a dish you can/want to eat, so you know there will be at least one food item you can have at the party

TIP~If it is not a sit down dinner than eat dinner before going and then if needed for appearances “snack” only on the whole foods available or the dish you brought
Once at the party

  1. Snack on veggies and try to stay away from fried, bad-fat appetizers. Finger foods are always a bad idea unless you know the hostess if very health conscious
  2. If eating the dinner served, stay away from creamy dressings & sauces. Fill your plate mostly with salad and veggies a palm of your hand sized portion of animal protein and no breads or grains unless healthy grains are available. For salad dressing use the vinaigrette or even better, if available, EVOO and vinegar
  3. If drinking try a vodka & soda water with a lemon or lime- you’ll end up with less sugar than a glass of wine. Remember mixed drinks are loaded with sugar
  4. For every alcoholic drink you have drink a full glass of water between
  5. Dessert table BEWARE! If possible steer clear all together, but if that is impossible then go for the fruit…boring maybe but better to do that then have to lose the pounds in the New Year! (My secret…bring a piece of raw “healthy” chocolate in your purse)

Before Bed
Drink a full glass of water especially if you drank alcohol

If you can at least follow the 3 daily basics you will fair better than most that tell themselves, “It’s the Holidays I can have that and that and that!”

Have a joyful, blessed holiday everyone! See you in 2015