Trying to go through life alone is REALLY hard and quite frankly not necessary! Yes, things are vastly different then they used to be hundreds of years ago when families lived very close by and towns were small enough for everyone to know one another and more importantly support each other in a variety of ways, but that is no excuse to isolate ourselves. We need to make an effort to get to know our neighbors, colleague’s, school and church communities, etc.  I sadly have heard from many people that they don’t know their next door neighbors even years after living next door to one another. We live in an age of technology that makes it so we don’t have to leave our homes or computers if we don’t want to. We make a choice everyday to leave our homes and join the world out there, but are you really? Joining the world I mean? Are you connecting with others and more importantly asking for support from others when you need it? This is a tough one for me and so many women I know. There are so many resources available these days to make life easier for all of us, all we have to do is reach out be proactive and ask for help if necessary.

As a Health Coach, I of course help people a lot with their nutrition and what foods work best for them, but I also work with my clients on having healthy relationships, spirituality, careers and workout routines. I would be remiss if I didn’t look at the entire picture of my clients lifestyle. It’s my responsibility to ask the right questions of my clients so they can pull out the answers that already live within them. This is a process and one that is only successful for those really dedicated to making a lifestyle change. If you’d like to learn more about how health coaching can benefit you, email me and we can talk about your personal goals or to set up a free health consultation visit my website at to fill out a health history form.

Here are a few other resources I’ve discovered that might be of help for you as well. Some are local to Orange County, CA, but chances are you have something similar where you live. Others are available to everyone.

Vitacost is a fantastic resource for discount vitamins, supplements, health foods and much more. For the pantry and household items you use regularly it’s a huge cost savings. Plus you can save even more on the many sales they have and on their Set and Save program which is essentially setting up an auto-ship on the items you use often.


The Water Brewery here in Costa Mesa is another money saving resource I’ve found for quality health improving water. As most of you know city water sources are not necessarily the healthiest for us. If you live in an area where it’s safe to drink your tap water you are super fortunate! The Water Brewery sells not only clean water, but alkalized, mineralized, oxygenated, restructured and energized water. It tastes amazing and is helping to build your health as opposed to breaking it down like many waters do today, just from their high pH levels alone.


SevenPoint2 is an alkaline product line that believes in a Health Made Simple philosophy. It is widely accepted that an acidic body stores fat and toxins and creates a disease-promoting environment. On the other hand, a balanced pH supports the body’s natural ability to achieve ideal weight and optimum health. Their line of products is leading in the Alkaline Movement and personally I feel better knowing I have what I call an insurance policy for the times when I don’t eat perfectly. I know this may shock a few of you out there that a Health Coach doesn’t eat or live perfectly all the time, but I don’t.

I hope the above resources are useful for you. Please reach out if you have health coaching questions or if you’d like to work with me.