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The Grab n’ Go Program
This Free 10-day program will provide simple nutritional and energy packed recipes for the busy person.
These family friendly recipes are gluten & dairy free. With a little strategic planning, you will be ready to tackle your crazy week with ease and be able to get through food emergencies without fast food or convenience foods.

Back To School Program
Crazy Busy? 8 Tips to Eat Healthy on the Go. This Free program is a set of 2 tele-calls in which we discuss 8 Tips to Keep You Healthy Even with a Super Busy Schedule.
You will learn the foods that bring you up mentally, physically and emotionally, as well as, foods that do the opposite and can lower your immune system which makes you more susceptible to illness.

Eat Clean in 2015
Eat More of These Foods and Less of These… This powerful program is a 2-week online course where you will discover the concept of eating clean and put it into real life practice. You will receive my guidance and the support of other participants through a private Facebook group.
Each participant receives an Eating Clean Packet filled with practical tips and resources to empower you through the process, as well as a recommended 7-Day Meal Plan with recipes.


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