9 Jan No Comments admin Healthy Tip of the Week

Sleep and your Hormones…Simple concept with a big impact…good quality sleep gives our body the ability to heal, repair, grow, and produce. In other words, it gives our body a fighting chance to function efficiently. The longer a woman can maintain her hormone production, the better she will feel and not experience the mental and physical issues of estrogen deficiency.

Lack of Sleep and sugar/carb cravings go hand in hand. I experienced this personally just this past weekend, when I didn’t get to bed until after midnight-way too late for me-and woke up the next day about 7:00 am. Sixish hours of sleep for me meant a day of the carb monster living on my shoulder. Why does this happen?? Simply, when we don’t get the amount of sleep we need 7-9 hours (optimal for most), our body goes into stress mode. Stress leads to the release of Cortisol known to increase the amount of belly fat. When we have everyday/chronic stress research shows our cortisol levels can become too high for too long, which can increase the amount of fat you hold in your belly — also called visceral fat. Belly fat is the the type of fat associated with heart attacks, stroke, increased HDL “Bad” Cholesterol and decreased “Good” cholesterol and more. Because cortisol increases due to stress, you have to combine healthy lifestyle habits such as clean eating, body movement, stress management and self care to reduce excess weight from cortisol.

To learn more about cortisol https://www.verywell.com/cortisol-and-stress-how-to-stay-healthy-3145080