Each day is an opportunity to start fresh, put the mishaps and negative aspects of yesterday behind yourself. Or if you have a situation that still needs your attention then start the day with a new perspective. Try to see the positive side rather than the negative.

You can do the same with your bodies well being. Your bodily systems are meant to rest, restore and rebuild while you sleep at night, so you can wake in the morning with a “clean slate” to your day. You choose upon opening your eyes everyday how you want to treat your body, Today.

Do you want to continue to follow the habits you have created because they are working really well for you OR are there a few changes to be made? Most of us including myself will always have a few “bad” habits that we can change for the better or at least alter. Personally, a habit that I fall into is eating salty chips, typically multi grain or non-gmo corn chips that leave me craving something sweet to counter balance the salt. What is the big deal you might ask yourself, I could be doing a lot worse, but that’s not the point, Is It? The point is my body becomes inflamed and bloated and makes me feel uncomfortable physically in my jeans and mentally makes me feel bad about myself, so for me it is something I need to be mindful of. What about you?

What are the one or two aspects of your lifestyle that you know don’t work for you that maybe you should consider altering or flat out making a change to?

Starting your day “right” from the start is always a big step towards having a “good” day ALL day, so here are a few healthy tips I have learned along the way that are “good” habits for a healthy body, mind and soul…

Healthy Habit #1: First thing in the morning, I brush my teeth, not just because I don’t want to offend my family, although I don’t, but because I prefer to not begin my day consuming the bacteria that has accumulated during the night in my mouth (primarily my tongue).”Morning breath” is a product of our mouths drying out at night and bacteria growing at a faster rate, gross! So instead of ingesting that bacteria, brush it away, brush both your teeth and your tongue.

Healthy Habit #2: Since our tongues hold a lot of the bacteria from our nights sleep, brushing them with your toothbrush is good, but adding tongue scraping to your morning routine is even better. Something to consider. Click here for more details.


Healthy Habit #3: Drink a full glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. Why? Well first of all as you know you are dehydrated first thing in the morning. Second, because of the dehydration your body is acidic and lemons and limes promote an alkaline state in your body. Why is having an alkaline body important? An alkaline body promotes overall better health and wellness. An alkaline body is able to hydrate your cells better which results in a stronger immune system, burning calories more efficiently, less belly bloat, better sleep, less bodily aches and pains and so much more. To read more about an alkaline diet click here.

Finally, here is a simple recipe to kick start your day…While drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime is a wonderful way to hydrate, and alkalize your body, drinking this little detox “toddy” in the morning takes things to a different level.

Morning Detox Toddy

freshly squeezed Juice from 1 lemon or lime

2 healthy dashes of Turmeric powder or I like to use 1 inch, peeled fresh turmeric root (crush like you do a garlic clove)

1 inch peeled and crushed (like a garlic clove) fresh Ginger root

small pinch of Cayenne

Add citrus juice, turmeric and ginger to a large mug fill with hot water add cayenne and stir, drink slowly

On the mindful side of things try to start your morning in a relaxed state by following these few simple tips:

  • Set your alarm (hopefully set to music and not a jarring sound) with plenty of time to get up and out the door in a relaxed fashion (if you have kids add 10-15 minutes 🙂
  • If listening to the morning news is going to cause stress don’t turn it on, instead turn on relaxing music if you are in need of background noise
  • If possible put off any difficult or stress causing conversations until later in the day, so as not to start your day with a negative tone

Everyday is a new beginning, every meal is a new opportunity to honor your body and every time we open our mouths to speak gives we have the occasion to be respectful, kind and considerate to others. A simple smile towards a stranger may change the trajectory of their day.