The foods we choose to put into our bodies make a big impact on how we feel both immediately and over the next few hours or even days, and this experience will be unique to each individual. One person’s perfect food may be another persons poison, just like one persons perception of any given situation may be dramatically different from someone else’s due to individual past experiences.

So with that said, please keep my overview of “upper” vs “downer” foods in respect to energy level in perspective and know there is always a trial and error period for everyone when it comes to finding the “best” foods for you. In addition the “best” foods for you now may very well not be forever, so continue to listen and respond accordingly to what your body tells you.

First let’s classify what I mean when I say “upper” vs “downer” foods.

Upper Foods meaning foods that elevate your mood, energy level and give an overall feeling of wellbeing and promote a healthy weight


Downer Foods meaning foods that make you tired, induce brain fog, give an overall feeling of dis-ease (digestive, skin, joint, sleep issues & more) and promote weight gain

overweight unhappy women

One key area of wellbeing I’d like to focus on in todays blog is our Energy Level. Everyone needs a healthy energy level that will sustain us throughout the day, and the way we eat and choose to live will play a significant role in our levels.

Eating for energy is more about consuming a variety of clean whole foods and not falling into the “energy” zapping traps such as caffeine, energy bars, sugar, & eliminating healthy fats. So with that said here are a few Nutritional Tips that Promote an Energized Life

Eat a balanced diet of the following

  • Clean, hormone, antibiotic free animal protein
  • Plant based proteins (more than animal) for examples click here
  • Healthy Grains such as Quinoa, Millet, Brown Rice, Amaranth
  • Lots of Produce~Organic if on Dirty Dozen list
  • Healthy Fats such as but not limited to avocado, EVOO, Coconut Oil

Eat from the Rainbow
Eat Seasonally (food eaten within 48 hours of harvest generally = more nutrients)
Sometimes Frozen is the BEST Choice (produce starts losing nutrients the second they are harvested, so if frozen right away nutrients are maintained)
Eat More Superfruits- apples, stone fruits, berries, tomatoes
Energize your Breakfast with the right balance. Ex: Protein from a Chia porridge, walnuts for healthy fat and berries for antioxidants

Lifestyle Tips For An Energized Life

6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night
Water water and more water
Reduce Stress and/or have a stress management plan (meditation, working out, breathing techniques)
Move/exercise everyday to get your endorphins going
Have a hobby or creative outlet you enjoy
Consider cleansing once a year

Energy Busting Foods and More

Getting older, stress (emotional, mental or physical) and being too busy are all acceptable reasons to be tired occasionally, but a daily dose of the “3:00, I need an afternoon pick me up” is not nor should it be the norm.

So, what may be causing you to be so exhausted-regularly?

Some common suspects are…

Processed, refined foods and sugar (eating foods found in a box, bag or carton)
Unhealthy Fats/Oils ex: vegetable, margarine, fake butter solutions
Chemicals and toxins on/in our foods as well as food packaging, traditional skin care products, cosmetics, laundry detergent, household cleaners, traditional dry cleaning methods and more
FYI…Average people consume 10 lbs of chemical additives per year-Yuck! Now that calls for a serious nap!

This is a good amount of information and if much of this is new to you do not expect to make all of these changes overnight. In order for us to have lasting lifestyle changes we need to make small changes over time, so we can feel and understand how each change affects our bodies as well as truly solidifying each modification before adding on another. In other words take your time, don’t overwhelm yourself and give yourself grace to have pitfalls along the way.

Here’s to feeling an abundant amount of sustained daily energy!

I’d love to hear from you so please share your questions and comments. There is a good chance someone else is wanting to know the same thing you do.