Being a Health Coach does not make me a perfect eater…..

Since starting in the fitness industry at the ripe young age of 19, I have had people watching and asking me about my food habits. I actually had the host of a BBQ once say to me, “We need to put celery on the BBQ for Kim.” Your kidding right???? I’d actually like a hamburger please.

It’s funny how people assume that since I am a fitness instructor and health coach that I eat perfectly all the time. Really, can anyone eat perfectly all the time. Like everyone else, I crave sugar and the occasional pile of sweet potato fries, but it’s all about moderation. The idea of falling off the wagon doesn’t exist for me and it shouldn’t for you either. This idea implies that you are depriving yourself and we all know that self-deprivation will lead to a big sit down or two, three or four sit downs of some really large plates of high fat, high sodium and “chemicalized” foods. So why go there?

Remember, You Are What You Absorb!

Your body will function according to the quality of nutrients you give it. What I try to do is eat as clean as I can 90% of the time and then have the “bad” for you food 10% of the time. When I say “bad” food speaking for myself yes it may have more sugar or fat than I would normally do, but I still stay away from processed, chemical laden, white foods. I’ve learned my lesson of ingesting chemicals and the impact it has on my body, since I am still trying to get the Formaldehyde (Diet Coke drinker for the majority of my life and eating fat free processed foods in the 90’s) out of my system 3 intense cleanses later. At least my insides are nice and preserved, hmmm….not a good thing!

Find a way of eating that works for your lifestyle and your body. Listen to your body and learn to become an intuitive eater. Change things up. We tend to be very habitual in our eating patterns. Trust me I know. I think I had the same breakfast (cold cereal) for 30 years. Our body needs the vast array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and carbs that comes with eating a variety of foods.

The two pictures below are veggie dishes I made recently. I do try to use organic as much as possible at least for the Dirty Dozen. Here is a link to the Dirty Dozen list.

I get most of my produce from Farm Fresh To You, a local organic farm that delivers to us twice a month or Mother’s Market.

Steamed Organic purple cauliflower, broccoli, red, yellow and carrots
Organic Spring Mix, red and yellow bell pepper and cucumber
I also added marinated (coconut aminos) baked organic chicken breast